Host a Role

             model, make a

              friend for life!




"As a Little League coach, the chance for my boy to learn what it takes to be a big-time college athlete will be key if he continues to pursue his dream of playing baseball in school."

2005 host parent

"Being a Host family was an incredible experience for us last summer. Jay and I thought we got the cream of the crop with Mike and Tyler but quickly learned that all these young men were the cream of the crop.  Jay and Cindy K.

2007 Host Family

" Having two players was a ball. They entertained them selves and I had two guys to root for at the games"

2008 Host Family

They play a lot of baseball so I didn't see my player, every day but I loved helping the community and making a baseball friend"

2008 Host Family



  Player Hosting and Becoming a Grizzly Family

  Our Cheyenne Players need your Help.

     The players on the Cheyenne Grizzlies desperately need jobs

  and a place to stay while they pursue their baseball dream.

  What better way to spend your summer than to share it with a

  baseball player?


    The Grizzlies reward its Host families by giving them a family   season pass pack. This consists of 4 collectable season passes valued at $500.00. Host families can use this to cheer on their player, sell them or use them for business rewards.


Players need a place to stay!

 If you have room in your house, rental property, summer cabin, or any place a player can call home for a few weeks. Then we have a player for you.

What does Hosting involve?

A host parent is the surrogate mom and dad for these young players. You must provide room and board for the duration of the season. You are rewarded with friendships that will last a lifetime. You will also be recognized at a Grizzlies Home game and get FREE passes for the family.

What if my family is going on a vacation?


Players can be assigned to a part time host family why you travel this summer.


What about food?


Its great to share a meal with the players, but these guys are running and might not be there for many meals. Players also get several meals donated to them through our advertisers.




  Players need a summer job!


 What kind of jobs are needed?


      Short answer? All kinds! Wherever a college

  student might be hired. Odd jobs, sports

  related or other retail, life guarding or camp

  counselors, baseball tutoring. The list is



  Not only do you get a great worker you get to

  assist in the development of a future

  star...whether a baseball player or business

  person these young men are the future.


  Players will be available from approximately

  June 1st until August 1st.


   Job Placement



"I needed some part time work with my new business, so I hired a player this past season. He was such a great worker we kept him on when the Grizzlies season ended, I was very sorry to see him leave!"

 2006 employer and Host Family

 " The hardest part of hosting was saying goodbye. John helped  my son be a better ball player and now he is interested in college. I got to know his family and we are all meeting next summer in California. Thanks for the memories Grizzlies"

 2008 employer and Host Family



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